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  1. aprilallure

    I'm new and already getting Doxxed??

    So to preface this, I have been camming on CB for about three weeks, not rolling in dough, but making some happy money. I have done a lot of research on privacy with camming, and being a very private and paranoid person, have given it a lot of thought before I started camming. I have no qualms...
  2. S

    I don’t want to cam anymore and I’m afraid

    Hi! So I cammed twice within the last week and then decided I didn’t want to do it anymore. I’ve been having a lot of panic attacks so can some of the older models of MFC or those who’ve worked with it anwser some questions for me? 1) since I was originally gonna do to make money for college...
  3. Lilah_Marquise

    Pricing? 1 Month Girlfriend Experience

    Hey, newbie here, hoping to get some advice from more experienced gals. I recently had a guy (purple member) approach me through chaturbate to ask if I would provide a 1 month girlfriend experience. I'd never considered this before and feel a bit out of my depth here He wants one 25 min phone...
  4. Smores

    Best Practices for Amazon Wish Lists

    I am browsing through some older threads and want to just get confirmation about the current best practices for webcam models who want to show an Amazon Wish List to customers. * The most important idea I am picking up is that the model should never connect any address to the Wish List. The...
  5. Guy

    Warning about Samsung phones

    Shutout to @Miss_Lollipop for tweeting about this.
  6. O

    Amazon Locker

    I apologize if this subject has been discussed to death already, but I wanted to make sure other cammers are aware of the Amazon locker option available for anonymous wish list delivery. You can have items from your wishlists delivered directly to these lockers where you can pick them up. It...
  7. MissMolly

    A lesson in figuring out who to work with, how to protect yourself, & cyber-bullying.

    If you would like, you can take a look at my most recent tumblr point, it will explain some things I have been going through, but this isn't just about me. This is also about the other girls of the industry, how to handle situations that arise, how to...
  8. Aayda_Heart

    Health and Safety ~ Tips/Experiences

    I CREATED THIS POST BECAUSE... SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED TO ME RECENTLY... (I'll post about it below, if you would like to read about it.) Please use this thread to post anything related to Health and Safety! This could be a personal experience, a question, a rumor, literally anything!
  9. J

    Cam girl safety

    Hi, I will be camming from next month, is there anything I need to do to protect my safety so people can't see my location or find me through my web address? Also I will be using my MacBook that is linked to my iCloud with my personal email address, would somebody be able to trace me through...
  10. G

    Receiving gifts /// Spoiled Online alternative for Europe

    Hi there! I'm fairly new to camming and today I was trying to know what options are there for us european cam models to receive gifts from clients in a safe way :) I just recently learned about Spoiled Online and I was thrilled to get an account there, only that again they are a service that...
  11. JesseBangs

    Newb needs minor tech support: How do I make sure my photos are location marked?

    Hey yal! Sooo I'm aware of the fact that in this day and age it can be easy to reverse image search or find somebody's location from it being embedded in the photographs information... How do I go about making sure that my photographs are not marked with my location before posting them? Cheers! <3
  12. MixxedOtaku

    Super persistent client. Scam?

    So on while broadcasting I got in contact with a guy who wanted to do private show with me but outside of chatturbate. Understandable they want to pay outside so they can get more for their money. I said id look into making a Skype/google hangout/ Yahoo messenger. I later informed him I...
  13. BlairLuxe

    Adult Friend Finder hack (, too)

    I only just now found out about this, but I wanted to put this out there, because I don't know what this implies for girls who have worked on, which they run. I don't know everything yet, but it is pretty concerning...
  14. D

    Fan wants me to be virtual dom--has anyone done this?

    Hi everyone! I've been camming for three weeks and I had a fan yesterday who is into the dom/slave thing. He wants to send me a $250 giftrocket per month to tell him to do humiliating things, tell him what to wear, boss him around, generally be mean to him, etc. This would all be done through...
  15. Robin_Bush

    Identity Security via Social Media

    Hey everyone! I haven't looked intensively on the forums to see if this has been posted about, and I'm looking for a relatively quick discussion turn-around, so I thought I'd go ahead and pose my question. I've been reading posts on sexworkerhelpfuls about customers finding your true...
  16. Jadeskye

    Safe sex toys!

    Hey I'm not sure if there is a thread (I tried using the search but didn't come across anything with lists) about safe sex toys! I'm an avid believer in practicing safe masturbation with sex toys, as I have gotten a couple infections because of toxic toys and I always try to let new girls know...
  17. Q

    Chaturbate and some general safety concerns

    Hello, I created my account 5 minutes ago so be patient :angelic: IMPORTANT THING 1: We all know most camming sites block certain countries for your protection, but I'm not sure about Chaturbate. This happened to me yesterday: I was on the frontpage, saw a hot girl and clicked. Everything went...
  18. goodiegumdrop

    Security Problems with MFC Accounts???

    Okay, so I'm super new to camming, and I'm still looking for good sites to start on (ps: if you have suggestions, let a bitch knowww!!). I know a lot of models here use MFC, and it sounds great. However, one of my friends was concerned about me using that site because she heard that it was...
  19. H


    Hi everyone! So I have made my first videos and want to begin selling them, I just want to know which is the best way to sell them? I know it is possible for the content to be leaked but which is the best site or way to sell my content. Please help, thanks! :)
  20. C

    Amazon, Ebay, best way to go about being safe

    I have some viewers that want to buy me things on my wish lists but unsure of having them mailed to me as I do not want them knowing my address. How should I go about receiving these gifts in a way that is safe and confidential for myself and the viewer? does ebay and amazon have an address...